About Marine

Culture enthusiast, roving explorer. That and nomad. If you can think of yet another synonym, you can throw it in there with the rest!

I travel for pleasure, for leisure, for adventure, by need, and by duty. I discover cultures, places, people, at time I stereotype, often I get it all wrong, but mostly, I attempt to describe the impressions I have when I first set foot in a new place. I try to immortalise the vision of the moment, when still under the shock. I write it down, so that a few years later, I may laugh at my reactions back then.

I’ve been to almost every continent, I have not been to every country, nor every corner of every country. I have not seen all there is to see. I have no doubt that what I have seen merely skims the surface.

I hope you will laugh with me, at me, at the situations I found myself in. I decided to share these writings for no grand reason, just because I can.

I suggest you discover with me, and laugh.